Post Wedding Brunch and BBQ


Somehow or other we woke up in reasonable shape at about 8am!  Lucy, Fay and George were already on their way to the airport thanks to Easyjet changing their flight from the afternoon to the morning at the last minute.  So, they were missing the Brunch which was a big shame.

We returned to the wedding estate and found a good crowd of revellers already tucking in to a great spread.  The catering was really good throughout.  There was an egg chef, pastries, fresh fruit, cold meats, cheeses, fresh juices and best of all: Coffee!!!

Once again we sat under the marquee and chatted, revisiting memories from the ceremony the previous day.  Everyone was very happy and agreed that it had  been a fantastic wedding.

We came back to our place at about 12 midday and pegged out around the pool for the rest of the afternoon.  I had several naps in the sun.  Just felt too lazy to want to do anything really.

Tonight we BBQed steaks on the grill in the outside kitchen, dressed salad, atr it all washed down with 2 bottles of ice cold rose wine.  Daisy didn’t even have a glass…. Afterwards we sat around the firepit (yes, definitely getting one for Kent) and yomped down on lemon tart (Bob) and chocolate profiteroles (Daisy and me_ washed down with calvados…. I have to say that  Bob and I could happily spend a lot more time in this region of France which we have barely explored.  We will be back to the Luberon.

Turned in about 1030.  Sun barely down… this is probably the best area of France as far as we’ve visited.