Last Day in the Luberon



Sadly, our last day in Cucuron at our lovely old farmhouse.  We’ve really enjoyed it and would hope to come back again to explore more.  Had a very lazy morning.  Packing didn’t take too long and then we spent a few hours around the pool, soaking up the last of the sunshine.

Had lunch in our favourite spot in the outdoor dining kitchen.  Cold meats, cheeses, French bread and some cold rose wine.  Set off for the airport at 2.  It’s about an hour’s run.

A slight stress at the end as we had to return the car with a full tank and the petrol station at the airport was having some sort of malfunction and we had to drive off to find another.  The layout at Marseilles airport is odd too.  Really confusing and higgledy piggledy.

The BA flight was packed but uneventful and we landed pretty much on time at 5pm.  Said goodbye to Daisy and we were on our way by 6.  Unfortunately we had to take a roundabout route home because the M25 between LHR and the M23 was jammed and stationary.  Got home at 930.  All well.  The garden has grown enormously since we left in May.  Much cutting back required!!!!