Scuba Diving in North Cyprus


This morning, Bob, Daisy and got up a bit earlier, had breakfast and headed down to Escape Beach and the Cyprus Dive Shack.   website   

We’ve often dived with them before and really like their operation and friendly attitude.  Bob had a bit of a sniffle starting and when we got there, he decided not to proceed.  Daisy and I got kitted up.  There were about 4 other divers on the boat, a large RIB, plus 2 dive masters and a boatman.  One of the divers was Chris, Heather’s husband, who we have met before both here in Cyprus and also in Goa.  It was very nice to catch up with him

There was quite a big swell today for some reason although not windy and also a massive current running in the first 20 meters.  We flew out like horizontal flags as we descended the shot line.  Visibility was good and the water was warm – 29C – with occasional cold haloclines.  There was very little difference in temperature at 30m. Luckily no current down there either.  We swam around the reef and underwater cliffs and we saw two turtles, lots of large grouper,. sponges, lion fish, and lots of others which I can’t name.  The current was a factor on our ascent as well and made getting back into the rib (never my finest moment anymore) even more of a beastly experience.

A very nice dive and a good opener for next week when we are going south to dive the Zenobia wreck.  Probably a lot harder today than I would have chosen for Daisy’s first sea dive in a while, but she did really well.  I need to improve my physical strength.  My arms are not strong.  Dives are a very reasonable £22 including kit hire.

After all that exercise we came back and had lunch and then lay around the pool all afternoon.  Still very hot and sunny.  Our pool chap came up and vacuumed and its looking good again,

Tonight we sat on the terrace for our g&ts and then headed out to Ambience, one of our favourite restaurants, maybe our FAVOURITE restaurant.  website

It’s an incredibly glamorous location.  Built out literally over the sea on decks, with lovely tables, the water lit, atmospheric lighting, the setting is quite breathtaking.  The head waiter always gives us a great welcome, no matter how long its been.  He must have a tremendous memory for faces and names.

We started with mixed meze plates, hot puffed pitta bread, hot courgette fritter with a pepper dip, olives and lemon, salsa and humus.  Then Penny, Daisy and I had fillet steak in a blue cheese sauce.  Bob had pepper steak, David had lamb shank in a coconut curry sauce.  The mains were all served with a variety of potato dishes: scalloped; chips and mash, mixed veg and a salad.  The steaks were amongst the finest we have had anywhere.  Perfectly cooked, so soft… the blue cheese sauce was divine.  Everyone was stuffed before the end.  We had bottled water, 2 bottles of Merlot, several beers….  the bill with service was £21.50 each.  Absolutely incredible.

The night time temps here are still well up.  Maybe 28C.  Could easily have gone swimming when we got back to the house but was too tired……