Lazy Pool Day with BBQ


A very lazy day in the sun today.  My favourite sort of day at Villa Rockheart.  Got up about 9ish… had Turkish yoghurt breakfast with local honey and muesli, espresso, sitting out on the terrace.  So peaceful.

Then, spent the rest of the day around the pool with frequent immersions.  Everyone else slowly emerged as the morning went on… Daisy last about midday.

Penny and Bob went off to do a bit of supermarket shopping.  I got the lunch ready.  One of our usual meze style terrace lunches.  Fried haloumi, aubergine and tomato salad, taramasalata, fresh village bread, ham, salami, anchovies, pickled gherkins…..

The afternoon passed in much the same way.  Then we lit the bbq at about 5.  I made hasselback potatoes again.  I have written extensively about Cyprus potatoes and how outstandingly tasty and delicious they are.  No matter how you cook them, they are the best.  Anyway, the hasselbacks went down well last time.  I flavour with salt, pepper and paprika.

Waved goodbye to Mick, Christine, Steve and Dale as they headed off to the airport.  Booked to go to the Vineyard up in the village tomorrow night for dinner.  Looking forward to that.

Daisy and Penny played backgammon for a while.  Getting in practice for Goa.  We have two red dragonflies who live around the pool.  They like to pitch on our hats and the pool floats.

Have two exciting garden developments:  the frangipane is in flower for the first time that I’ve seen in 4 or 5 years after planting.  Lovely waxy pink flowers.  Also we have a really lovely yellow hibiscus with an orange centre also in flower.  Quite the nicest we have, amongst all the more common pink and purple ones.

Tonight we sat around the pool and had bbq’d steaks and the hasselback potatoes.  Some kofta in pitta… red wine….  It is still very hot in the evenings.  Later we watched ‘The Death of Stalin’ which was darkly amusing.  Ate ice creams from Mardos.  Drank liquors…

A very relaxing day.