Lazy Days with A New Friend, Spitz


Have had a couple of lovely, lazy days after our exertions down south, wreck diving.

Woke up yesterday to squeaking and yowling coming from outside.  At first I thought it was a bird, but it carried on until I had to go out on the bedroom balcony and investigate.  There – in the pool – was a young dog, barely more than a puppy, dog- paddling around, in a comically vertical position.  It seemed to be in distress so I rushed down, in my pjs, waded into the pool and fished it out.  By way of gratitude, the daft thing shook itself and dashed back in again.  Clearly, it was enjoying a morning swim very much.  The little dog can’t be even a year old, and is wearing a red collar.  A sort of  golden retriever I would say.  Very very cute and a lovely friendly nature.  Eventually, I fished it out again and put it outside the garden gate.  It was completely clean and very well cared for.  Not a stray as far as I could see.  I hoped it would go home, wherever that was, and indeed by the time I came down later in the day, it had disappeared.

We had a lovely afternoon sunbathing and swimming.  In the evening we had tickets for Last Night Of the Proms at the Wild Duck restaurant, a charity dinner and showing organised by the RBL for service charities.  Bob went early to help Eddie put up bunting.  Our friends, Pamela and Eddie, were the organiser for this event.  Daisy and I followed along at abut 630 with our neighbours, Alan and Lesley.   We’d ordered our meals ahead.  Daisy and I had liver, onions and mash and Bob had Beef Curry.  We enjoyed the concert and the meal and especially the usual flag waving 15 minutes at the end.  Great fun and yum food.

This morning Bob did a few bits of diy and I did a load of laundry.  At least it dries quickly.  Late morning I was on the balcony reading when there was a patter of paws and our little friend from yesterday turned up again!!!!  I put him out but he was cleverer today and found his way back in up the steps.  Daisy came down and fell in love with him of course.  “I’ll deal with him” said Bob authoritively.  He picked him up and put him over the gate and turned back to Daisy and I.  Literally 10 seconds later, before Bob reached the kitchen door, the dog came charging up the stairs from the car port, tail wagging, ears flapping, smiling happily!!!!  Priceless moment.

He stayed all afternoon, swimming in the pool, which he loves, and dozing.  We put him on a lead at one point and went to 5 or 6 houses on the hill but no one claimed him.  He didn’t like the lead at all.  More of a drag than a walk.  In the end I took it off and he just trotted along beside me.  He’s such a nice dog, I hope he can find his way home.  He can’t have been gone long, he’s spotless, no fleas or anything and still with a new collar on.  If he’s still with us tomorrow, we’ll have to do something.  Still, being so young and nice, he will get new owners if anyone will.   We have called him Spitz, after the famous swimmer.  He must come from a house with a pool.  He’s too used to swimming not to have done it very often.  I wish I could get him home.  At least on the assumption he hasn’t been abandoned…..

Tonight Bob made southern fried chicken, mash and corn.  Very yum.