Spitz and Quizzes

WIN_20180928_10_20_52_ProSo dear Spitz wasn’t so dear when he woke us up with howling and barking at 3am.  It went on for over an hour.  We didn’t go down and eventually we managed to get back to sleep after much cursing.

When we did emerge,  we found a certain level of destruction around the pool.  He’d taken his puppy rage out on the pool floats, fatally injuring two of them and wounding the other.  He’d also had fun crashing through the slats covering the pool overflow gulley.  A very shame faced creature met me at the kitchen door and stern words were spoken.  Anyway, I gave him a can of meat which he devoured in record time, licking the bowl totally clean.  What to do with him????

I rang the Kyrenia Animal Rescue and frankly they didn’t want to know.  Not very friendly or helpful, only wanted tiny puppies, nothing over 6 months.  The Girne Animal Shelter is closed because it has cases of canine distemper.  Alsancak council didn’t want to know.  Rick the pool guy suggested we took him down to a vet to see if he was chipped (it is the law here that all dogs over 6 months must be chipped).  Marion came up and she guided us to her vet who was very nice.  No, he wasn’t chipped, but he was in good condition.  Marion clearly warmed to him.  She suggested ringing her friend, Maddie, who works with all the animal charities here and she agreed that if we sent her photos, she would get them up on all the websites and see if his owner could be traced and if not if we could find a home for him.  I really have my fingers crossed.  His photos are now up online so we must wait and see.  Have got food in for a few days.  If all fails, all we can do is take him to a village centre and let him free there where there are cafes and people who might take pity on him.  If he stays here he will starve to death once we are gone.  It’s so sad.

Tonight we went to a quiz at a local bar.  Great fun.  We did quite well but came third.  The boys (Bob, Eddie and Alan) won!!!!!  We had suppers included in the price.  It all came to about £3 each.  Very fun.

Spitz was waiting for us in boinging mood when we came home.  Gave him a supper of bread and milk in the hope it keeps him happy till the morning.  Have hidden anything chewable just in case….


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