Lazy Sunday…. The Ambiance….



A very lazy day around the pool today.  It’s still about 34C here, although it got a bit thundery in late afternoon,  But no rain and the blue sky is now back.

For those of you on tenterhooks from last night (as were we!!!)  I came down at 9am to find Spitz swimming vigorous lengths of the pool!  He’d returned from wherever he’d been…..  Habibi was here gardening and Spitz boinged all over him too.  We have picked our first pomegranate!!!!  There are several more coming along behind.  Habibi says next year we will have lots, but strange high winds blew all the blossom off early in the summer this year.  We have several lemons on the way too.

Agreed with Habibi that next Sunday we will start taking the upper parts of the trees off.  The previous owners planted Paulownia Tomentosa (Foxglove trees) which are very lovely with purple blossom, but they grow quickly to enormous heights.  We have to take several feet off every year or so or we would lose our views down to the sea.  The jacaranda don’t grow so tall, but the pepper trees will also need topping.  A good opportunity to harvest some more pepper berries.  They look absolutely terrible just after it’s done but by next spring the branches will have softened again with new growth.

Bob had a practice with his new pressure washer.  He managed to remove some burnt on grease stains on the flagstones under the bbq.  A great result.  It’s going to be an asset for the terraces.  Spitz didn’t like it at all much in the same way most dogs are afraid of vacuum cleaners.  I think he thought he might be the recipient of some washing from it!!!!!

Sat out by the pool for our g&ts.  Distant thunder still.  I brought all the cushions in from the dining terrace just in case it rains tonight but I don’t think it will.

Tonight we went down to Ambiance for dinner.  Getting towards the end of Daisy’s stay with us now (sob….) so she has chosen where to eat for the last two nights: Ambiance and Dogus Adres tomorrow for her birthday.

Such a very nice meal.  We  shared a mixed meze plate to start and then Daisy and I had fillet steak with blue cheese sauce.  Bob had pepper steak.  Of course it came with lots of veg, salad and potato dishes.  All just delicious and the staff are so nice.  The main waiter always makes a big fuss of us and this time the owner came around and was so welcoming.  He gave Bob two very nice engraved Efes glasses to take home.   If you go to one restaurant in northern Cyprus, for me, it would have to be this one.  Everything is just right.

A lovely day.