Daisy’s Birthday and Spitz is the Luckiest Dog!


Daisy’s 27th Birthday!!!!!  Where have those years all gone????  She has always been such a joy to us and brought us much happiness and laughter over the years.  We had some small presents over breakfast – Bob made her poached eggs on toast – and reminisced about Boler family history!!!!!!   Celebrating tonight at dinner by the sea.  It is so nice to be together for her birthday .

Today was Spitz’s last day with us as we had arranged to take him to his new adoptive home at 430 this afternoon.  He was in top boinging mood this morning once he had wolfed down his breakfast tin of meat.  I know… I know…. not the best long term but he needed a bit of feeding up after his ordeal and a few days of one meat meal a day won’t hurt him at this point.  And he did enjoy it so……  He then had a great deal of swimming.

Late morning Alan and Lesley, our lovely neighbours called around with a card and a bottle of red wine for Daisy.  So very nice of them, very kind.  Spitz got a bit too excited to see them and boinged about all over the place, rather wetting poor Lesley as he had just got out of the pool.  They got to see him swimming anyway.

Had a nice lunch on the terrace (Spitz had bread and milk) and then all too soon it was time to pack up his things and put him in the car.  I felt a bit nervous.  What if we didn’t like the man who wanted him?  What if it wasn’t a good vibe at his place????  Well, we needn’t have feared.  Spitz is the luckiest dog in the world!!!!!  John, is such a very nice man and a great animal lover.  He has 4 dogs and two cats already and they live in considerable luxury in a fabulous villa right on the sea.  I mean, right on the sea!!!!  There is a very secure fence and gating all around the property but anyway it is in a very secluded area of Karsyaka, so nice and safe for our boy.  There is also a lovely pool for him to swim in, quite apart from the big salt pool in front of the house.  John, took the time to introduce him to the other pets one by one and we left feeling hugely relieved that actually Spitz was going to such a wonderful, loving environment.  We are promised pictures soon, showing how he is getting on.  As you can tell we have become very attached to the little dog over the last week.  He has such a very sweet nature.  We would certainly have kept him if our circumstances permitted it, and the house will be the quieter without his pattering feet around the pool.

So, tonight we headed out for dinner at the Dogus Adres, a favourite waterside restaurant.  Curses…. it was shut….  headed inland to Villagio Templos in Zehtinlik.  Got a bit lost around the lanes there as usual but eventually made it, to find it….. closed.  Third time lucky, headed back to Tervetuloa and ate in their garden.  Amazing food, service and value as usual.  A massive hot and cold meze followed by a large main: 5 big lamb chops for me; mixed kebabs for Daisy and meatballs in tomato gravy for Bob, with a huge plate of chips, then a dessert, brandies and coffee.  Washed down with a bottle of wine, pint of beer and two large bottles of mineral water.  £12.50 with tip each.  Incredible.

What a lovely day and it has all ended so well..  Had a text from John to say that Spitz has settled in well and there was a lot of tail wagging tonight.  The four existing dogs are all females so our boy will be king of the pack!!!  We don’t know what his history was before he found us but we are glad we had a hand in making him a happy life from that point on.

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