Daisy’s Last Day!

DSC02231A sad day for us today as Daisy leaves us after 16 fabulous days.  We have so enjoyed having her here,.  It has absolutely made our visit totally special and our house will seem the emptier after today.

Bob and I headed off to Kyrenia first thing to go to the Kibtek (electricity) office to view the plans to move two electric poles from the back of our and our neighbour’s property.  All seemed fine.  Unlike the UK, when the electricity company here find out they have put the poles in the wrong place, YOU have to pay them to move them.  And so it is.  We will pay the money over tomorrow and then at some point (to be announced!) they will come and move the poles!

Home again and Daisy was well underway with the packing.  We took a break, had a lovely lunch in the sunshine, a sunbathe and swim…. then got on with it again.

Set off for Larnaca at about 3pm.  A smooth trip in the sunshine.  Dropped our dear girl off at about 5pm and then home.  There was lots of traffic coming back.  I suppose we hit rush hour.

Caught up on Strictly, drank coffee and brandy and ate a Mini Magnum!