Still Sunny Here!


Not to be smug (much) but it is still really hot and sunny in the Eastern Med.  I’m sure it is elsewhere too, but here we have cooled down a couple of degrees to the 30-31C level but still hot sun all day.  No rain likely for a month at least.  That couple of degrees is quite nice.  It’s not as blinding as it was a week ago….. feels hot… feels like you want to be in the water but not like you HAVE to be in the water…..

Woke up to messages from Daisy to say her journey home was smooth (we kind of knew that as Bob had woken up at 3am and seen she was in her flat) but nice to know.  BA managed to rip her suitcase to shreds but luckily nothing lost.  It was it’s first trip out, so brilliant effort on their part either in Larnaca or Heathrow.

Bob went off to Kyrenia first thing, with our neighbour, Alan, to sort out payment for the moving of our electric poles.  All went smoothly and they reckon it will be done in about a month.  Probably March of next year then……. 🙂

I started laundry washing from Daisy’s bedroom and bathroom and got that all done as the day went past.

Bob came back and we had a lovely lunch on the shaded terrace.  I’ve already mentioned how lovely the weather is at the moment so I won’t labour that again….

We spent the afternoon around the pool: swim; sun; read; repeat.

Tonight we bbq’d outside.  Bob grilled a stack of the little lamb neck chops.  They are so sweet and tasty and cost little or nothing.  We had them with fresh green beans.  Delicious and lovely out there.  So atmospheric and still so warm.

After dinner we moved inside and watched  Celebrity MasterChef.  Ate Magnums.   A fantastic relaxing day.