A Day at Escape Beach


I fancied a change of scene today so we went down to Escape Beach for the day.  Well, in fact I went first because Bob dropped me off on his way into Kyrenia to call at the hospital to prep for his Well Man Checkups tomorrow.  It’s about £70 for an absolute barrage of checks – many blood tests, bowel cancer, prostate, diabetes, bone density scan, full body ultrasound, ECG, chest x ray…. etc etc.  Well worth doing.

I was just about the first person on Escape Beach other than the staff and I had it to myself for about 2 hours which was lovely.  As it is now deemed winter here, they have started to scale back facilities in that there were no loungers to the right of the pier and a lot of the beach waiters have been let go.  The water was so warm and clear – lots of little fish swimming around.

Bob got down at about 1030 just as a few other people started to arrive.  We had some lunch in the beach café which was very nice and just spent our time swimming, reading and dozing.  It’s 30 ytl (about £3.80) for a bed and an umbrella and the other facilities.  If we go again we might try the beds on the pier because they look to be nicer ones.  The plastic beach ones – although they have a mattress – give me back ache after a while.

A few gulets came in for lunch, including the lovey Vela.  Felt quite envious of the group aboard particularly when they sat down to what we know is a very nice lunch.

Stayed down at the beach till around 430 and then came home.  I really like Escape Beach.  It isn’t a great swathe of perfect empty sand like some of the turtle beaches or those up in the Karpaz but the water is superb and they keep it absolutely spotless.  If you’re just in the mood for some swimming in the sea right near the villa, it’s definitely the place to go.  There really is every comfort and it’s absolutely brilliant for children.

Tonight we ate on the terrace.  I made one of my chicken one pot wonders.  Caught up on Bake Off and Strangers afterwards.  We can get nearly everything out here using a combination of vpn and Amazon fire stick.

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