Neolithic Cyprus and…. Home to Storms


We packed up and left Kavalosos after breakfast.  Still no word back from LoveHolidays re our complaint.  If I don’t hear anything in the next few days, I will proceed to leave a poor review for the Library hotel and LoveHolidays.

Our first stop was the Tenta Neolithic site, about 5 km away.  An amazing village of around 150 people lived here in 8000BC.  8000BC.   Extraordinary.  The small, round houses were crowded together on top of a hill with slopes leading down to a river and the meadows around.  What an unimaginable life these people must have lived.

After that we went on to a second Neolithic site at Choirokoitia, a much larger site.  Again, many small, round stone and mud huts perched atop a hill.  The people that lived here farmed, deer, crops, goats, sheep.  They buried their dead relatives under the floor of the huts and often put a rock on their chests to stop them rising again.  Interesting that fears of ghosts and the dead walking go back right to the dawn of time.  These people that thrived so long ago, disappear by about 5000BC and there is then a long gap till the island registers inhabitants again.

With a quick stop at the AlphaMega supermarket to pick up a few supplies, we drove north and got back to the house about 2pm.  Had a quick lunch and lay out around the pool.  Must admit, I dozed off!!!!!

Tonight we were preparing a bbq – sheftali, potatoes and peppers.  Suddenly, there was a ruffling of the pool, and as suddenly as that a great storm blew up.  Massive winds, sheet lightning, torrential rain…. we ran around lying down umbrellas, stacking the mats on loungers, lowering ornaments from the terrace….. the lightning was almost non stop.  It was the also the strength of the wind and rain….. unbelievably fierce.  It kept up for about an hour and then stopped as suddenly as it started.   We ate our bbq in the kitchen.