Our Last Full Day at Villa Rockheart

01128b1af83a27efea4b778251843cd7a15d1384b1Today was our last day.  We get picked up at 6am tomorrow morning to go to the airport for our flight home.  Thankfully, we are not flying Cobalt Air.  They went bust last night which is horrible for those people holding tickets.  We were caught years ago when Laker Airlines went bust and it was a very anxious few weeks till we got our money back thanks to Mastercard.

Anyway, the weather was lovely again today so we wanted to make the most of it.  We packed our personal stuff away this morning.  Didn’t take too long.  The remote control for the a/c unit in the twin room stopped working so Bob went and bought a new one.  While he was gone I went out to the swimming pool and found an enormous frog swimming around in it!!!!!!  That’s a first!  John helped me fish it out with the pool net and we released him into the orchard.  I think he must have come in last night in the storm.  I don’t think the pool would have been good for him long term…..

Sue and I drove down to get two creepers for the garden wall.  Habibi has rooted out the large passionflower we had growing along it as it was a complete thug and threatening to overwhelm all the other plants.  He will have an ongoing battle as it sprouts up everywhere.  It’s going to take a lot to eradicate it.  I bought another white Cyprus jasmine to plant on the wall behind the pool dining table and I bought the pink large flowered variety that we have already growing over the arch to the orchard, to go along the wall beside it.  Habibi will plant them on Sunday.  Should look very nice by next year.  Things grow so fast here as long as you can give them some water.

Spent the afternoon swimming in the pool and lying in the sun.  The sun is still very warm but the pool is definitely colder.  When we arrived in September, it was 30C.  Now it is 24C.  Quite refreshing!!!!!  I still had 3 or 4 swims.

Packed our suitcases……

Tonight we went for dinner to Calamari, on the Lapta coastal strip.  Although there was no wind tonight, the swell is still there from yesterday and the sea was really slapping against the key and splashing and foaming up.  We were sitting back from the edge so had the view without the shower!  The food was ok.  I had lamb chops, as I do.  Bob had scampi.  Sue had calamari and John had prawns and chicken.  Good portions.  Came with an assortment of sides.  We basically were well fed and wined for £12 each.

Came back and finished off the Mardos ice cream.  Turned in about 930.  It’s been a great stay and look forward to coming back next year.