Maltese Sun-Day


Today we decided to be very lazy and just relax and enjoy the lovely weather here in Malta.  The sky has been cloudless blue for most of the day with the temperature around 23C.  We have lain out by one of the pools since about 930 this morning, soaking up the sun.  It’s a beautiful view over the bay from the pool terrace and the sea was glassy calm today.

The pools are absolutely freezing, but it is too hot not to have to get in…. well… it was for me.  I had 3 or 4 pretty cold swims.  Bob went in once.  Stuart and Fi were cowards!!! LOL

Anyway, we must have been tired because I fell asleep on the lounger and Fi said that at one point Bob, Stuart and I were all asleep!!  Must be the diving….  Other than that I read my Kindle.  Very welcome to do nothing.

Tonight, being Stuart and Fi’s last night here, we went out for dinner to what we think (not alone) is Malta’s best restaurant, Tarragon, in St Paul’s Bay.  website

Bob and I have eaten here a few times and never been disappointed.  It has won numerous awards this year as every year.  The room is lovely, modern yet classic, and overlooks the water through huge glass walls.  We started with an amuse of pumpkin soup and a soft olive which was an olive-shaped globule filled with olive cream essence.  Both were very nice.  I then had calamari in a super light tempura coated with special salts and pepper and served in a newspaper cone.  Bob had cured beef served with wasabi, Stuart had ravioli stuffed with venison and pistachio, Fi had lamb pastries.  They were all delicious.  For mains, Stuart and I had warm stewed octopus with olives and tomatoes, Fi had a ribeye with peppercorn sauce and Bob had veal cheeks slow cooked, again all super good.  Stuart and I passed on dessert but Bob and Fi both had the apple crumble which came with ice cream and various spices.  It was a lovely meal and a fitting end to a great week’s holiday.  I do think that Fork and Cork gave it a run for its money and it will be interesting to see how that develops.  One of the nice things about Tarragon though is the atmosphere which is extremely friendly and helpful, not in the least pretentious, given the food as art level of cooking.   Definitely try it if you can.