Diving Again

norWe had a really lazy weekend, helped by the weather which was warm but rainy.  In fact there was some pretty good thunder and lightning at times.  So, we just hunkered down in the condo and read, caught up on a lot of telly and waited for better times!

This morning we bright and sunny, with a few clouds, a bit windy, but we decided to give it a go, so we headed into St Paul’s Bay to Maltaqua and picked up some cylinders and then drove up to Cirkewwa on the NW of the island, right next to the ferry port.

We were much later than usual and given the wind, there were crowds of divers there.  Looked like every diving school in Malta had brought all their students to Cirkewwa.

We decided to dive the Rozi, the tugboat.  It’s a really nice dive.  We got kitted up and got into the water.  Miraculously, there was absolutely no one at all on the Rozi.  We had it totally to ourselves.  The visibility was not as good as last week.  I guess the storms over the weekend had stirred it all up.  But it was still a lovely dive.  I liked swimming around the rudder especially and all the way along the decks.

We finished our dive exploring along the wall and the little caves there.  There were a lot of fish today, medium sized and small.  Clouds of them.    Bob took some video clips

here    and  here


Just one dive today.  We were going to do two, but the viz really wasn’t great so we decided to come back tomorrow.  Diving does wonders to my hair.  I include a photo for your merriment!!!

Spent some time sunbathing back at the hotel and then had a quiet evening in.