Diving and a Day in the Sun


Absolutely gorgeous weather today.  A cloudless blue sky and about 23C.  Hardly any wind.  Just perfect for a bit of a suntan top up!

But first, we had a dive to do!  Up to Cirkewwa to dive the shipwreck of the P29 patrol boat.  It was busy but much quieter than yesterday and as usual we managed to get parked in the diver’s carpark right above the entry points.

Visibility on the wreck was excellent today and again, we had it to ourselves until right at the end when another pair of divers joined us.  We had a good explore and I went through the engine room and out again via a rear hatchway.  There is quite a lot of soft growth on the ship now and the superstructure looks amazing, covered in waving plants.  Did a lot of posing for Bob and his little fake gopro camera.  I must say for £35 it works pretty well.  Had a few minutes of stops at the end which we spent in Suzie’s pool.  Very nice dive, thoroughly enjoyed it.  We both feel really good in the water now, all dived up and relaxed.

A couple more movie clips for you  here

and here

and here

Back to Maltaqua and got the tanks filled ready for tomorrow, our last day of diving.  Then back to the hotel for a quick lunch in our room and down to the main pool.  Flaked out on the loungers for the rest of the afternoon.  It was gorgeous.  I even went in the water once.  The water is icy.  Soooo much colder than the sea.  I was the only one in….

Self catering dinner again tonight as we will tomorrow.  Planning to eat out on our last night but no gourmet food pictures for the blog tonight.