Cold in Goa!


So.….. Bob and I both have streaming colds……  I know….. and expect no sympathy at all…..   Bob started first yesterday and in the spirit of “sharing of worldly goods” he decided that I should join in.  By last night we were both streaming.  We self medicated with hot grog: lemon, fresh ginger and honey tea topped up with treble measures of dark rum.  That did the trick.  We slept well.  But still absolute streamers today… we’ve kept ourselves separate from everyone else like a pair of Typhoid Marys.  Short of ringing a bell and shouting “Unclean” there’s little more we can do.

Went to the beach anyway.   Had breakfast at Salida.  I had 2 boiled eggs and tea, Bob had the south Indian breakfast of masala dosa: 3 large fried puff breads and a small bowl of mild vegetable curry.  He really likes it, but its not what I want first thing in the morning.

Pegged out with our books.  Had some swims.  Bob went back to the room about midday feeling rough.  I stuck it out!  Brave Bertha!  Around 2pm ordered myself another grog.   £2.75.  Not sure it affected my cold at all but I felt a lot better afterwards.

The sea was lovely today.  Very calm and clear and we saw lots of dolphins out in the bay, jumping and splashing.  There were also schools of tiny fish swimming around me in the water.  As I’ve mentioned, the water here is not blue and clear like the Caribbean.  It’s more pale greeny blue and clear-ish.  Standing in neck deep water, I can generally just about see my feet, but it’s not guaranteed.  Today, I could definitely see them.

Came back at about 230 and had a couple of hours nap.  We ate in the hotel restaurant again which is no hardship at all.  I had Half Tandoori chicken with salad and chips. Bob ate them.  He had chicken tikka masala with rice and an onion kulcha (a stuffed naan).  We had 1 double gin, 1 single gin and a bottle of tonic each.  Then afterwards – medicinally – we had the hot grog again.  Ginger, lemon, honey tea with a double dark rum.  Felt really good after this.  The whole lot was about £10.  John, Susan, Nick and Jan turned up, back from dinner on the beach and we chatted for a while.  Turned in about 930.  Hope we are on the mend tomorrow.

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