Shopping and Beach


We spent the day at the beach as usual.  David went for a barbering on his way down.  Haircut which was about £2.  Looks very smart.  Bob goes to the same chap for a shave every couple of days.

Joe and Chris have a joint birthday today.  I don’t think I know anyone else that shares a birthday with a family member so its most unusual.  We managed to get cards and poked them under their doors this morning.

Penny and David are settling nicely into the Patnem routine and rhythm.  I think they are beginning to enjoy it, which is a massive relief.  Always worrying when you encourage people to visit a place, just in case they absolutely hate it….

Pen and I headed off from the beach about 3pm to get David some Indian clothes on the beach road where there are a lot of shops.  We bartered to get a pair of loose style hemp trousers and 3 t shirts for £12.  Unfortunately the trousers were not right and 2 of the t shirts were too small so we had to go back later to exchange them.  The traders are so nice here.  No problem!  We ended up getting 2 pairs of cotton trousers this time and 2 more t shirts and then 2 lovely fine cotton loose overshirts.  All very cheap.

Ate dinner on the beach at Namaste.  Definitely the best beach food and drink this year.  We had margaritas (2 each), I had a prawn masala, Bob had mushroom mutter curry, plain rice and a butter naan.  It came to about £11 total.

After dinner we wandered back through the shops and went into one of the Kashmiri silver jewellery stores.  Penny bought a pair of lovely peridot and garnet silver ear rings, and David got a single silver chunky hoop ear ring.  Very Captain Jack Sparrow..  Ar har har har.

Nightcaps at Eves which was doing a roaring trade again tonight.  The restaurant is a runaway success.

Beginning to plan some outings for the coming week for Penny and David who havent been here before: cooking classes, the spice farm and golf.  Watch for reports on all of those.  Tomorrow another quiet day on the beach before we start to venture out.

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  1. Hi Allie
    Family birthdays more common than you might think
    New grandson Nico shares a birthday with my mum.
    Anna shares a birthday with Freya
    Sarah shares a birthday with John’s uncle and his aunt who were married to each other