Golf at the Lalit Hotel then Haircuts


This morning, after breakfast in the hotel, we tuk tuk’d over to the Lalit Hotel for some golf.  It’s only about 5 minutes drive, on the next bay south of Patnem.

The Lalit is a beautiful hotel, low rise colonial style, set in gorgeous landscaped gardens and surrounded by the course.  The course runs along to the Talpona river and then turns back across the front of the hotel, all along the sea and beachfront.  It’s really pretty and extremely well maintained.  I personally wouldn’t want to stay there because Goa for me is about a more personal experience.  I can go and stay in 5 star luxury much nearer to home if that’s what I wanted.  But, it is very pretty, I cannot deny.

I don’t play golf at all but I quite like to drive the buggy and so went along to chauffeur Bob around.  Pen and Dave had their own cart of course.  No one had played for ages, probably 18 months, so some trepidation.  Penny was the very clear victor, strokes ahead of the fellas.  Bob came in a close third but was pleased that he didn’t lose any balls!  They all really enjoyed it and plan to play again.  It’s a good bargain at about £30 for a 9 hole round, buggy hire, club hire.  We stopped about half way round for a cold beer on the beach in a little shack there.

After the golf, we taxi’d into Chaudhi so that Pen and Dave could go to the opticians.  Dave got two pairs of varifocals, one of which were sunglasses and the other photochromatic, for £120.  Penny got a pair of distance photochromatic glasses and a pair of reading prescription glasses for about £39.  Both delighted.  To be honest what they saved covers flight costs here.

Back to Eves for a snack and a rest.  I went over the Golden Touch hair salon for a haircut at 430!  Some trepidation again of course.  Most ladies hair salons here don’t really cater for short hair cuts.  I took a photo with me to try and help things along.

Actually, I shouldn’t have worried. She did a very good job and I was delighted.  Especially as I paid a princely sum of £10 including tip!!!!  Will take a photo tomorrow for your enjoyment 🙂

Tonight we ate at Cuba on the beach. I really enjoyed my two veg dishes: palak paneer (spinach and curd cheese) and dal fry (lentils spiced).  Washed down by a gimlet and a margarita.  Happy hour, half price.

Lively and entertaining political discussions ensued, which may have sounded like violent argument to those around us but which were actually hugely enjoyable and at base, respectful and amicable.  It’s good to be able to appreciate and understand and – hopefully – respect, other opinion, even widely different opinion, if it can be logically defended and/or evangelised.  I think it is only when we fail to be able to tolerate differences that we begin to run into major societal problems because that failure of understanding and tolerance means we cannot compromise.  That is where we are in the UK today and we lack intelligent and inspirational leadership to lead us through it.  Beyond that, actually, we lack conviction in our political class, both in terms of their belief in their own policies and hence our belief in them.  One of the most damaging results of our current political crisis is the resultant complete and utter lack of faith and trust in Parliament and our democracy.  Most people expect to be betrayed by their political representatives (in whatever way) and I cannot imagine a more damaging and dangerous political landscape than that, nor has there ever been one like it in my lifetime.

On a more frivolous note :):  walked back along the beach and had nightcaps at Eve’s.  Off to Palolem tomorrow and then a music night….