Day Trips From Patnem

Lots of our group went off on day trips today.  Lucy, Bene, Kirsten and Hazel had a taxi tour to Old Goa and Panjim, the capital of Goa.  They went to see the 15th century Jesuit cathedrals and churches in Old Goa and then visited the colourful Portugese quarter of Panjim, Fountainhas.  Did some shopping too.


Alistair and Maureen also did a similar trip.  George, Steve, Erin and Alex went to Agonda, a beach resort, two bays north of Patnem.

We stayed on the beach in Patnem and had a quiet day, having done all these things before.  Walked the beach a few times.  It was Dave (Bridgeman)’s birthday today so we all wished him a happy day which he definitely seemed to be having.

Tonight Sheena, Dave, Maureen and Alistair went to Chef Rahul’s Cookery School in Palolem for the dinner class.  We have done this 3 times and its really excellent.  He has a proper teaching kitchen with cooking stations, a bit like MasterChef, but not quite….  They cooked 3 curries, rice, a vegetable dish, and chapatis in a three hour teaching session and then – the best bit – they ate everything they cooked.  It’s amazing fun and a bargain at about £16 each.  They enjoyed it so much, they want to go again next week.

The rest of us went to Magic View restaurant on the north end of Patnem beach. It is a genuine Italian run restaurant. They specialise in pizzas cooked in wood ovens in the garden but they also have pasta and other dishes. I had gorgonzola penne with parmesan and it was delicious. The pizzas were amazing, and so large. A very good dinner. Walked back across the beach. The stars were so thick in the sky.

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