Shopping for Finery! FabIndia!


This morning Bob, Penny and Stuart played golf and the rest of us met up on the beach.  Had a lovely chilled morning, swimming and sunbathing which was much needed after the last few busy days.

Went back to the hotel at about 1pm and showered and changed.  We were all going up to Margao, the nearest large town, to visit a shop called FabIndia to buy finery for the ceremony and party tomorrow.  I’ve been to this shop many times, and in other locations in India.  It sells lovely “modern Indian” clothes made in very fine cottons and silks.  There is an ethical background to the shops where a percentage of profits goes back to the villages which produce the clothes and goods.

We hit the store like a tidal wave!!!  About 20 of us and for about 2 hours it closely resembled the first day of the Harrods sale.  The men were on their side of the store trying on shirts, kurtas and trousers.  We were on the other, trying dresses, saris, tunics, trousers…..  It was a lot of fun but a bit hectic.  The sales ladies were hugely helpful, draping us in the scarves and saris.  I did try a sari and it was very beautiful but I was nervous that I would not be able to do it on my own on Saturday.  In the end I went for a more anglicised outfit that I will be able to wear on a numerous occasions.  Everyone is going to look splendid.  It’s an amazing shop and the prices are very reasonable for the quality of the clothes.  I would love to have had a more leisurely shop there but that was not to be today!

Tonight all the oldies met up at about 715 for pre drinks at Eve’s.  Penny was feeling a bit off after the stressful day and winding car journey so they decided to eat in the hotel.  Likewise, Joe, although well on the mend from his tummy ailments, decided to stay local.  The rest of us wandered down the beach and met Lucy and her friends for dinner at Café Fiesta.  We had a long table near the sea.  Lovely dinner as ever.  I had Kingfish Masala which was just totally yum.  Many people had Fish Pollichatu.  Lucy and George shared a mega plate of grilled seafood – humungous prawns and a fish.  We stayed down till nearly 1115.  A lovely puppy joined us later on.  Like a little silky eel…

A lovely evening.  Superb stars tonight.

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