Preparations for the Big Day

The morning after the night before!  I think it was all still sinking in for Bob.  We went through the ceremony together this morning and the music and he was happy with it all.  Spent the morning down at Salida.  Lots of chatting with everyone.  I actually did not swim today.  Walked the beach twice with Daisy.

At lunch, Lucy and her group went off to Turtle Beach.  Its a nice drive, crossing rivers on tiny bridges and then the beach itself is massive and pristine.  Behind the beach is a salt/brackish water lagoon where they farm oysters and mussels.  There are a few simple shacks on the beach that offer seafood for lunch.  A nice change and the oysters are really cheap.

Bob and I packed up about 3 and went back to shower off because we were meeting our wedding planner and the celebrant at 5 at Sundowner resort where the vow renewal/birthday party is to be held.  We tuk’d there to find that the tide was too high to wade across the estuary.  We did try.  When the water reached high over Bob’s shorts,  I chickened out and went back 🙂   The boat service didn’t start till 530 so fairly shortly the celebrant and Tabitha the organiser arrived and were similarly cut off.  We had our meeting in Cozy Nook instead, so Bob has still not visited the location.  It won’t be the case on Saturday as we go there at 3, guests at 4 for the ceremony at 5 and then dinner etc.  Its low tide at 310 so everyone can just walk across the sand.  However, at the end of the evening, those that are coming back to Patnem will be ferried across the water in boats.  A nice end I think as long as no one falls in!!!!

Jazz, our celebrant, was very lovely and we went through the ceremony to make sure we were all happy and confident.  Then went through the logistics with Tabitha.  I’m sure its all going to be wonderful.  Bob is having a huge tarte au citron instead of a birthday cake and that will round off the meal.

Tonight we ate at Tantra on Patnem beach.  Daisy joined us as the others were having a late one in Palolem.  I was absolutely wiped out with tiredness.  I think, having got everything out in the open, and organised, I have just begun to feel how tired I am.  Need a couple of very quiet days to chillax.

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