A Proposal of Marriage!

IMG-20190227-WA0006IMG-20190227-WA0004IMG-20190227-WA0002IMG-20190227-WA0001IMG-20190227-WA0000The day started with Bob taking a group for a masala dosa breakfast at Little Ganesha in Patnem.  Fiona and I headed off to the beach instead and had breakfast at Salida.  Today was Chris’ last day and he came down to Little Ganesha for a dosa.

Joe was up and about but still not well in the tummy area.  After breakfast Chris and Joe went off to Chaudhi to the clinic there and they did tests and have given Joe two sorts of antibiotics and some pro-biotics to help him get on the mend.  Hoping he is soon better.  Chris left for the airport at about 230.  We will miss him very much, he’s been an amazing companion and he clearly really enjoyed this special time with Joe.  He didn’t really want to leave at all.

Bob, Penny and Stuart went to the Lalit and played a round of golf in the morning.  Stuart had his best game anytime anywhere and beat them both soundly!  They really enjoyed playing.  David had a quiet morning at Eve’s but is definitely on the mend, eating bland food.  Penny, David, Stuart and Joe came down to the beach in the afternoon.

I enjoyed myself chatting and sunbathing with Fiona, Sheena, Maureen, Ali, Lucy, Daisy and their friends.  Lovely hot day as usual.  David (Bridgeman) had an essay to write which he did first at the beach, and then at Eve’s.  What a place to work!

I walked back to the hotel at about 4 with Joe.  Bob was enjoying a lie down in the cool, blissfully unaware of the surprises of the night ahead.

We all emerged down to the restaurant at about 7 for pre-drinks.  Clive had made us a big table of 20 in the centre of the restaurant.  The youth group came up to Eve’s too and we sat down to dinner about 730.  Had a lovely, if elongated meal.  Lots of g&ts down.  Finally all the dishes were cleared away and the moment I had been waiting months for finally was here….

I stood up and tapped a glass and our group hushed.  Everyone grinning in anticipation other than Bob who looked a bit anxious.  I think he thought there were more surprise guests about to spring out of the woodwork!!!!  I thanked everyone for coming to enjoy a holiday with us and to celebrate Bob’s big birthday and also shared that it was a big year for us as – unbelievable as it is – I am also 65 this year.  Then I recapped for Lucy’ friends that although we are old and grizzled in fact ours is a very romantic love story which began in Spain when we met on a scuba diving course in company with others at the table.  We then had a whirlwind romance and ran off to America together after only 3 months.  Many thought it wouldn’t last but we’ve been so happy together and have our two lovely girls as the icing on the cake.  It is in fact 30 years since Bob got down on one knee and proposed to me and whilst 30 years is nothing when you are married to your soulmate, its quite time enough between proposals…. so….. in the spirit of gender equality…. and here I kneeled down on one knee – I took Bob’s hand and asked him “Bob, my darling, will you please marry me again as part of your birthday celebrations?”   Despite being totally blindsided, poor man, he answered, “In a heartbeat”.  There were great cheers from everyone in the restaurant, not just our table.  Such a very special moment, one we will never forget and it was wonderful to share it with our girls and so many old and new friends.

I must confess to being totally relieved now that all the secret plans are revealed.  It has been quite difficult manoeuvring about behind the scenes organising all of this and keeping it secret from Bob.   I have been terrified I would let something slip.  The girls and I have been chatting by WhatsApp  and there’s always the danger we would slip up and use a conversation thread that he is part of…. now we can all relax, and just enjoy the days ahead.  The big day is on Saturday!!!