The Morning After


Not a bad night in our beachfront hut!  I worried that it would be hot – no a/c – but in fact because of the ceiling fan and also having the front glass sliding doors open to the full ocean breeze, it was extremely airy.  We could have had them wide open but Bob was paranoid that he would get up in the night for the bathroom and take a wrong turn – well, it was a sheer drop down the cliff right outside.  OUch…..

Luckily, none of that happened and we slept till about 8am.  Fabulous to wake up to the beautiful views.  Wandered down and enjoyed all the flowers still around the grounds.

We had breakfast in the area overlooking Palolem Beach.  There wasn’t a lot of choice.  I had omelette and Bob had the Spanish Breakfast which involved tortilla and lots of mushrooms.  My omelette was a bit on the dainty side 🙂 and Bob’s Spanish breakfast was massive but not that nice.  Not sure which was best.  Everyone else rolled up within about 30 mins.  Bob and I had a swim which was fantastic.  We knew that Lu and 3 of her friends were just across the estuary at Cozy Nook having breakfast, so Bob decided to test the water level by wading across.  He returned after about 40 mins to report that it was perfectly wadable and we wouldn’t have to take the inflatable of doom.

Seriously…. we really loved Sundowner and would recommend a celebration there to anyone or a sunset cocktail or two.  Lots of our flowers were still about and it looked so pretty.  We all waded our way back to Palolem Beach about 1130 and went for a drink at Cozy Nook.  Lucy and co arrived back from their bird boating trip.  Of course much raving about it.  There were 5 absentees, some of which were poorly and suffering from d&v.  We sent them medicine.

Came back to Salida in the afternoon.  Daisy and I had several beach walks and we swam and yacked.  Had dinner tonight on the beach at Café Fiesta.  Lovely dinner.  Our last, for now , with Penny and Dave as they go home tonight.  We will really miss them.  It’s just been great to have their company here for the last two weeks and although it was their first time in Patnem, I hope it wont be their last time!  We came back and then saw them off just after midnight.  Safe travels dear friends.

Eve, Marylyn and Clive had a really nice present for Bob tonight : a new yellow over shirt in cotton.  He wore it to dinner.  Looks great.  So nice of them.

Lucy and co are off to Hampi at horrid-o-clock in the morning.  Despite 2 of them being pretty ill.  They are going in two xl taxis so they have lots of leg room, but still it is a 9 hour drive.  Their luggage has come to Eves for storage which is soooo nice of them, considering none of the group are staying here..  Really they are a lovely couple.

Sad to say goodbye to the group too.  They have enlivened our week with their company.

Another magic day…………..