Cozy Nook and a Couples Massage

alliebobwedding1Our smaller gang spent the day at Cozy Nook on Palolem Beach.  Ali, Mo, Sheena and David were going on the bird spotting boat trip.  We had breakfast first of course – Bob had his usual rosti with poached egg.  It was different to be without Pen and Dave.  Hope their flight home was smooth.  Lucy and her friends have gone to Hampi.  They set off about 0430 for the 10 hour drive.  Not envious, although I do love Hampi itself.

Lovely day in the idyllic water.  Had lots of swims.  The bird watchers returned very excited with the spectacle that they had seen.  It really is a great trip.  Bob tried out his new waterproof camera in the sea.

Daisy checked out of Salida and into Eve’s.  She dropped her case off and came on to join us in Palolem.  More swimming, backgammon and cribbage.

Bob and I set off for La La Land as we had a couples massage courtesy of Lucy’s friends booked for 5pm.  Its a lovely little resort, very like Dreamcatcher.  I think they must be owned by the same people.  The spa is an exact replica of the Dreamcatcher one and the staff are the same.  The massage was fantastic.  We came out as relaxed as clams and feeling good.  Thanks to them!  I will go back for more treatments.  They are amazingly affordable.

When we got back to Eves they had moved a bed for Daisy into our room.  Its just for tonight.  She will get her own room after that, but tonight they are full.  Its very…cosy…..

Tonight we ate at Dropadi.  An excellent dinner as usual there.  Daisy bought a new suitcase for £20 on the beach road.  She lost 2 wheels off her current one on the way out.  Tuk’d back to Eve’s by about 945.  It was music night.  A chap and his friends playing all Beatles music.  Sadly, the dreadlocked diva was in evidence prancing around the carpark.  Music was good.