The Fellowship of the Momos….


Our Fellowship of the Momos is fast diminishing as holidays come to an end…..  Joe left on Wednesday, Sheena and Dave departed last night and Stuart and Fiona this afternoon.  Later tonight Ali, Maureen and most of Lucy’s friends head for the airport.  Tomorrow we lose Lucy and Hazel and then on Sunday, Daisy.  By Sunday night Bob and I will be on our own, which we haven’t been since mid January!!!    How we shall miss them all!  This has been one of the best Patnem winters ever.  Not just because of the Big Surprise – although that did make it special, but because we had such great companions throughout and it was all so very congenial.  And of course, for us, it is always very, very special to have the girls here and get to spend some extra time with them.  It’s never enough….

Have had a few days of “lasts” then.  Yesterday Stuart and Bob played a last game of golf.  While neither of them felt they’d played their best (the water hazard took its toll), Bob was surprised and delighted to actually win!

Last night we went to Boomshankar bar for sunset cocktails, unbelievably the first time this holiday.  Lovely view as ever watching the sun go down over rocky Colomb Bay.  Then we had dinner at Dropadi in Palolem.

This morning Lucy and all her friends were back from their trip to Hampi, so we heard all about that.  Sounded as beautiful as ever.  Had a good day on the beach.

Tonight we went into Palolem about an hour in advance of dinner for people to do some present shopping.  Daisy bought a beautiful silver bracelet with opal chips all round it.  Lucy has had some fabulous rings made for her at Candlelight Arts and picked them up today.  He’s done a super job.

We had dinner at Dropadi again.  The last 13….   delicious as ever.  After dinner I went back to Candlelight Arts with Ali and Maureen to buy a silver chain that Mo wanted.  We managed to knock him down a bit and all left happy with the deal.  Came back to Eves and had a nightcap then waved them off at 1030 for the airport.

Don’t even want to think about the girls going in the next 2 days but go they must…. we’ve all had such a fantastic time.  Can’t wait till next year.