Boler Family of Four

DSC02570Yep… the dwindling continues….  Lucy and I walked down to Salida for about 9am and had breakfast with Hazel.  Her taxi for the airport arrived at 10 and we bid her farewell till the next time, wherever that might be.   Then Lu and I had a nice morning at Salida, in the shade trying to sort out her work laptop and also doing other admin things.  Thank heavens for wifi.

Bob and Daisy had gone to Chaudhi early on to buy some last minute hair supplies that Daisy wanted.  They sell an amazing hair balm here called Soft and Silky ( 🙂 ) that the girls have bought mega tons of, over the years.  Daisy basically emptied the shops in Chaudhi.  Then they went to Palolem, to the Palolem Dental Centre, where Daisy had a teeth scale and polish booked.  What is basically a Dental Hygienist appointment in the UK and costs about £58, is about £20 here in a totally professional clinic with a highly qualified dentist (who also sings while he works!!).

We all regrouped at Salida by noon and had lunch and then last swims.  Came back to Eves about 3 and chatted to Lu while she packed.  Christopher came in his taxi at 4pm and off she went to the airport for her flight to Dubai where she is working this week.  A bit bittersweet as she is likely to be spending the next two years working out of Dubai.  We missed her as soon as the taxi drove off….  Can’t wait till the next time we are together.
Had a rest then till it was time to meet for dinner.  Had a quick g&t before heading down to the beach for dinner.  We ate at Café Fiesta under a sliver of a moon and a host of stars.  Daisy had swordfish in a cheese and mushroom sauce which was honestly just totally delicious.  I had a seafood platter, yep, yum.  Bob had a seafood sizzler.  Washed down with 2 margaritas each.   So 6 margaritas, 3 full dinners and it all came to about £18.  And on the beach, under a full starry sky and a sliver moon.

Came back to Eves and watched Lucy land in Dubai on Bob’s plane app, and had brandies and coffee.   Daisy went to bed wanting the day not to end because tomorrow she will have to go home.  The bright spark is that there will no doubt always be a next time here for the Boler Family of Four.