Daisy’s Last Day


Bob and I headed down to the beach at about 845.  It was really extra hot today, the temperatures are ramping up a bit as March goes on.  Daisy arrived about 45 mins later and wolfed down her usual mammoth fry up breakfast and pot of filter coffee.

We spent the day sunbathing – she has definitely turned colour a bit despite wearing Factor 30 sunscreen most of the time.  We walked the beach and had great fun swimming in the slightly choppy sea.  Lots of giggles.  She has really loved it here and I hope she will be back again in the next couple of years.

She and Bob had lunch and played cribbage.  All too soon it was 3pm and we headed back along the beach to the hotel so that she could shower and pack.  She paid her bill which was so reasonable, she was delighted given all that she has eaten and drunk since she’s been here.  And her room at Eve’s is very nice, on the corner opposite us and cheaper than the beach huts.  Such a comfortable bed.

Christopher picked her up in his taxi at 5pm and off she went.  She’s routing back through Muscat on Oman Air and will land at Heathrow at 0520 tomorrow.  We will miss her very much.  Its been a good long stay.

So now Bob and I are the last men standing!  Everyone else has gone home.  Well, of course there are still familiar faces here and people we chat to.  We only have 11 days left ourselves so will make the most of a good rest for the remainder of our stay.

Tonight we ate in the restaurant at Eve’s.  It was pretty quiet.  I had palak chicken and Bob had reshmi chicken tikka.  All delicious.  Turned in quite early to catch up on some of our downloaded tv programmes.  We have a lot to catch up on.