Day at the Beach and Dinner in Palolem

rptAnother very hot day at Patnem Beach today.  We had plenty of swims but otherwise a very lazy day.  Tracked Daisy’s flight online and were glad to see her land safely at Heathrow.  No doubt she will be tired.

Tonight we went out to dinner in Palolem.  We had a bit of exploration of jewellery options at our favourite Candlelight Arts craft jeweller.  Lucy’s birthday coming up!!!  We’ve bought a few things from him over the years and so have our friends and never been disappointed.  After our discussions we decided to try Rasa Bistro on the beach road.   An interesting place.  Nice, quirky décor.  Strange service, not very smooth. A bit at sea.  Cocktails – gimlets £2.50 – were very good and not expensive at all.  Food was excellent.  I had mushroom mutter – £2.50 – and it was rich and well spiced.  Bob had king prawn pad thai – £2.50 – and that was really good too.  I would go back there.  They offer an unlimited thali but that was off tonight.

Came back by tuk which was nice and breezy on a hot night.  We caught up on some downloaded tv.  MasterChef and Tin Star.

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