Lazy Days


The heat is definitely ramping up.  34C during the day, only dropping to about 28C at night.  There’s a breeze and it’s not humid (or at least not today) so quite bearable.  Glad we have a/c to sleep in though.  Is there a nicer moment in the world than at the end of a long hot day on the beach, when you sweat back to the room all sandy and prickly, to find fast icy a/c and a generous hot shower waiting????  Not in my book.  It must be one of the best anyway.

Bob has been suffering a bit with an insect bite that went bad.  It really blew up into a boil and he had to get some special ointment in Chaudhi at the chemist.  Well on the mend now but it has made him very tired the last few days and he has slept great Olympic sleeps.

We ate on the beach last night at Namaste, under the stars which were pretty impressive.  Managed to drink 3 margaritas each in celebration of Bob feeling better again!  They make great ones there.  I had mushroom mutter (a new favourite) and Bob had prawn masala and a prawn fried rice.  I had some spoonfuls of that too.  It was all great and meal and drinks came to about £15 including service.  Pretty good value.

We leave a week today!  That’s come around so fast although it seems ages since we were in Gatwick on January 10th.  This has been one of the best Goan winters ever.  Very good company throughout, very restful, very enjoyable….. and of course with the highlight of Bob’s Big Birthday and our vow renewal.  I met Tabitha, our event organiser, a couple of days ago and gave her all our photos on a memory stick so that she can use them on her website. Walking on Sunshine Weddings.  Highly recommended for a special event out here.

Anyway, not blogging here as much because we are just enjoying soaking up the sun in our last week, so there is not a lot new to tell you.  We are already looking ahead to next winter when we will be back here, hopefully with another posse of congenial friends to keep us amused through the days and nights.  When we leave here next week, it is not the end of our winter adventure as we still have some excitement ahead in the UAE and then getting home.  But it is the end of our Indian winter…..  I don’t know anywhere else where we could have lived so cheaply and so well and just so joyfully!

Tonight we ate at Eve’s.  A bit of a naughty dinner (for me)!  I had a chicken breast stuffed with mushrooms and garlic and covered in a cheese and olive sauce, served with spaghetti and salad.  YUMOYUMO.  Bob had chicken schnitzel with salad and chips.  Also delicious.  Then, we shared a chocolate coconut ball with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Dark and gorgeous.

Went to bed, facetimed with Lu in Dubai and then caught up on tv.