Margaritas and the ISS


Unheard of!  We overslept this morning and woke up too late to go to Cozy Nook.  This is because they have relatively few sun loungers and if you get there after about 0830, you’ve had it!  So we went down to Salida instead.  The boys were so pleased to see us.

Spent the day in the usual indolent fashion: reading; sunning; shading; swimming; repeat.  Swimming was pretty idyllic.

Lots of drumming today from all directions.  And distant firecrackers.  It’s very atmospheric once the darkness falls to hear it….

Dinesh and his wife came to Salida late afternoon and we sat and talked with them for some time.  A lovely couple.  He was sorry to have missed the two girls when they were here, but they kept missing each other.  It would be nice to see them in the UK if they get as far as us this coming summer.

Tonight we ate on the beach at Namaste.  One of our favourites this year.  It was a lovely sunset tonight.  Not particularly vivid but the light was good.  At 730pm the ISS was due to go over us at an advantageous angle.  We moved out of the candlelight to see it better and snapped a couple of shots before it got a bit too close to the almost-full moon.  So strange to think of all the crew up there, as we sit below.  The first time I ever saw it, which was on the beach in Patnem, I thought it was a UFO.  I really did!

It’s quite surprising to me how many people have never heard of the ISS or have any idea that its up there and populated by an international crew.  Not just the shack boys, who have universally NEVER heard of it and think it a wonder in the extreme.  Which it is.  But quite sophisticated, educated UK people don’t know about it either.  We need more publicity about our manned space endeavours (we being the global WE).  Somehow it is not getting through.

Gorgeous dinner of prawn masala, mushroom mutter and Bob had rice and a butter naan.  Of course we had 2 margaritas each.  A sumptuous dinner for about £14.  We were full up.