Holi, Full Moon and Last of Patnem


Today is our last full day in Patnem this year!  Tomorrow we had up to Mumbai and the start of the next phase of our winter adventure.

Yesterday we went to Cozy Nook at Palolem.  It was idyllic as usual up there.  The moon is almost full now and this has caused very extreme tides.  When we arrived, the tide was just ebbing and as the day went on, the beach got wider and wider, uncovering more and more sand.  We had a good long day there.

We left at about 430 and I went to Amore in Palolem to get a manicure.  They gave me a free 45 minute foot massage for my loyal custom.  It was fabulous.  My feet take a bit of a beating out here, in sandals every day.  Not with hardened skin – the sand takes care of that – but the red dusty dirt gets absolutely embedded.  Scrub as I might – and I still can touch my toes, thank you! – I find it hard to get them completely pristine.  So regular pedis and an oiled massage are very therapeutic.  Had a good manicure too – white shellac.  My nails have gone very thin and flaky from being in the water so much so they have cut them right back.  They look neat anyway.

In the evening we had dinner at Eve’s with Elliott and Sarah, two new friends from this year.  They are on an extended year’s honeymoon, having given up their recruitment jobs earlier this year.  They have fallen in love with Patnem and after starting out at Salida in February are now ensconced in Eve’s.  Such a nice couple, in their mid/late 40s and exciting to be starting this new phase of life.  I wonder if they ever will go back to work.  They are coming back to Patnem in October for the whole of next winter so we will see them again.

Anyway, had a great chatty dinner and swapped wedding photos!  Checked in for our flight to Mumbai tomorrow and arranged for Marriott’s car to pick us up at the airport.  It is pretty much just across the carpark from the terminal, but with a lot of luggage, the route is difficult to walk, so the tenner fare will be worth it.

Today is the first day of Holi proper.  We were amazed when we got down to Salida.  The tide had been so high during the night that all loungers had to be moved because the water came right up to the steps of Salida!!!!!  Have never seen the beach wet up to that level before.  There is quite a big surge and swell today.  No wind.  Just tide.  Huge breakers crashing in.  We couldn’t get out through them so contented ourselves with ducking down in between the breakers.

Tonight is the first big night of Holi when the equivalent of a Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner is eaten at home and the celebrations really kick off.  Difficult to get a rickshaw after about 6.  We went into Palolem to pick up a last few items.  Then back to Patnem beach for our last dinner which we had at Café Fiesta.  I had king prawn masala with rice and fixings and Bob had king prawn biriani.  Both had 2 margaritas each.  The moon was massive overhead tonight.

Did a bit of last minute shopping on the beach road.  I bought 10 of the long dangly mirrored hangings to put around the garden in Cyprus and maybe a couple in Hawkinge.  I was also persuaded into a Rajasthani embroidered table runner which will also go out to Cyprus.

Came home and caught up on Shetland.

Have just had the most brilliant time here this year.  Only 9 months till we are back again.