Desert Storm!


Had a brilliant night’s sleep but woke up to thunder and rain!!!!!!  Opened the patio doors up and it was really hot but overcast and with this thundery rain.  We waited till it dried up and then walked down to the restaurant for breakfast.  It was inside today due to the strange weather.  The staff think its a last bit of transitional weather before the hot summer finally arrives but who knows.

Breakfast was a buffet of hot and cold food.  We decided to stoke up and then not eat till dinner.  We had some fruit, nuts and chocolates in the villa if we got hungry.  Anyway, had a good breakfast.  No pork bacon or sausages of course.  Veal bacon, beef sausages and chicken sausages.  I gave them all a miss anyway and had eggs, mushrooms, foul Mesdames (beans) and plenty of coffee.

After breakfast we went for a walk around the property to exercise some of it off but just as we were at about the furthest point from our villa, the rain started again.  Luckily one of the chaps came along in a golf cart (with rain hood over) and scooped us up.  We spent the rest of the morning inside reading.

At midday, the sun came out again and we walked down to the beach for a swim.  Wow!  The water was absolutely freezing.  We were so shocked given that we are more or less on the opposite side of the Arabian Sea to where we were in India.  Well… I suppose a bit further north, but even so.… it was surprisingly cold given the hot air temperatures.  We waded out to around thigh deep but then chickened out!!!!  The sand is very white, fine crystals, not soft and powdery.  It has apparently all be harvested from the sea and ground down.  Much of the coastal area and the islands has been reclaimed from the sea.

Went back to our balmy pool and wallowed in that.  It’s so warm in there.  Spent the afternoon around the pool, reading, sunning and swimming.

Tomorrow the forecast is for a full day of sun so that will be good.  There are lots of birds in the garden no doubt attracted by the copious tropical greenery and the pool.  Looking at the garden, I realise we could grow a lot more tropicals in our garden in Cyprus.  I guess it does get colder there than it ever gets here, but on the other hand the long dry conditions are the same so I would just have to ensure they were hardy.

Tonight we ate in the villa which just rounded off a very relaxed day.  Watched another episode of Baptiste.