At Last the Sun


It absolutely hammered down with rain overnight, a massive storm.  Thunder!  Lightning!  Torrents……  We watched the lightning for a while.  It was very spectacular.  By the time we woke up in the daylight, it had all cleared away and just the wet surfaces remained to show for it.  Not a cloud in the sky for the rest of the day.

We walked up for breakfast and then spent the rest of the day in our garden around the pool.  I make no apology for our utter indolence.  We have been to Dubai twice before and we’ve done all the usual tourist activities: the Gold Souk, the Museum, the dhow on the creek, wadi bashing, camel farm, desert bbq…. the malls, the indoor ski resort…..  this time we just felt like enjoying this amazing resort.  It is so unusual and so very private and luxurious.  Unlike any other hotel we have visited.

Bob tried out the outdoor bath in the late afternoon.  It takes a lot of filling!  Very relaxing though.  Would be even better on a hot summer night.

We went up to the restaurant for dinner.  Had two cocktails that were a bit like a pisco sour.  I ate grilled baby chicken with asparagus and colcannan.  Bob had slow roasted beef cheek with carrots and mash.  Both were really outstandingly good.  Delicious.

Came back and watched more Baptiste.  The room boys came and did the turndown.  Left us some more coffee pods and chocolate dates.  YUM!  Back on the diet tomorrow.

We are on our way again after lunch tomorrow.  Back to Dubai and then onto the Queen Mary 2, for our sail back to the UK.  Have really enjoyed our break here.  Would definitely come again but not sure that chance will come.