Gocek and John’s Last Day

Today was John’s last day with us as he is heading home in time for a visit from his daughter and family who live in New Zealand.  We will miss him!

We all had breakfast on the boat in Tersane Creek and then motored over to the lovely little swimming area on the islets that we visited yesterday.  We anchored and put a line ashore to a tree to keep the boat stationary.  Had some good swims and a visit from two goats who were roaming around.  Had lunch on the boat and then headed for Gocek, a medium sized tourist town at the head of the bay.

Gocek is a big yachtie centre.  There are about 5 marinas.  We tried to get on the council pier but were turned away and ended up having to go into one of the expensive private ones.  Wow were there some amazing yachts in there.  True super yachts, maybe 300 feet long.  We were very near the largest of all “Lady M” which carries 12 passengers, 14 crew, has a helipad, a swimming pool, a large jacuzzi, etc etc etc.  I wonder who owns it???  Very flash looking craft.

While John packed, we went ashore and found a supermarket and shopped for the rest of the week.  It had a good selection and we spent about £90 which will see us through breakfasts, lunches, cocktail hours and dinner tonight.

Bob and Stuart then went off to the barbers in town for a pampering.  Meanwhile John managed to get an offer on a taxi to Dalaman airport, so he set off.  When the boys came back all shaven and shorn, we readied the boat and left the marina at 3pm.  Our 2 hour stint had cost about £20!  I wonder what the berthing cost for Lady M was!  But then, if I could afford a boat like that I wouldn’t be worrying about the overnight costs!!!

We came back to the bay with no restaurant but with everything else.  We moored up on the pier and have electricity and water, so we can run the a/c tonight and make the fridge really cold.  Had a lazy time for the rest of the afternoon.  I had a swim.

Tonight we have dinner on the boat and are cooking for ourselves.  Meatballs and pasta!  Let me just say that Turkish Arabiatta sauce is definitely spicier than English!!!  All very nice.  Had some nice red wine to wash it all down with.  Sat out on the deck and watched the darkness fall.  It is so quiet in this anchorage.  Utterly silent apart from the lap of the water but even that’s like a mirror tonight.