Tersane Creek and Famous Lamb

We moved around various coves in the Bay of Gocek today.
Of course we started the day in Kapi Creek where we had spent the night. What a lovely place. o Had breakfast on the boat and set off at about 10am. We went out into the open bay and put the sails up but there was little or no wind and sailing just wasn’t on the cards today. So after a while we pulled into an area of tiny islets and shoals in the middle of the bay called Yassica Adalari, where water depths are between 5 and 1m and anchored up. Absolutely idyllic swimming. We had lunch in there and more swimming. There were some mini beaches and even a little café set on the shoals.

We had planned to go into a particular bay called Boynuz Buki where there was said to be a restaurant with piers, power and water. A long fjord covered in pine woods and oleanders at the head. We got in and anchored up and got ourselves attached to shore power and then found the restaurant was closed! This was a bit bizarre given that the power and water were on. We had a debate about what to do. We had a fair bit of food aboard but nothing really suitable for dinner and crucially only half a bottle of wine!!!! We were planning shopping tomorrow when we drop John off in Gocek, a large town at the head of the main bay.
So, up anchor and off we went again and this time headed to Tersane Creek, a small deep creek on Tersane Island. Thankfully here we struck gold and got on their pontoon and the restaurant was open. No power or water on the dock but nice loos and of course the restaurant. There were about 10 other boats in. It is very busy this weekend/week because Ramadan has ended and the Bayram festival has begun. Many people take the whole week off.
Tersane Creek is a gorgeous little cove, surrounded by olive cloaked hills and very peaceful. There are lots of ruins around the shore, some dating from Byzantine times including a church. They have been lived in until recently but now only the restaurant owner and his family live here plus a load of wild sheep and goats. Tersane means dockyard so it is thought that the creek has been used for boat repairs and building for a very long time. The creek is very sheltered.

At about 6 the lady restaurant owner came round and took our orders for dinner. We all ordered her special lamb, cooked in the slow wood ovens.

Well…. it is a famous lamb dish… claimed to be the best in the whole area.  And it did not disappoint.  First, we had the meze.  Lots of little plates of simple but fresh produce: green beans; seagrass with cheese, yoghurt with dill and garlic, bread, chilli rice… too many others.  The lamb was succulent and a generous portion.  Stuart had sea bream.  Bob had lamb kofte again.  Afterwards we had a plate of watermelon, coffees…. the scenery was sublime.  The water a perfect mirror to the sunset and the masts….

We sat on board later listening to the Eagles….. Great day….

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