Kapi Creek

We normally breakfast on the boat but this morning we decided to go ashore to the little taverna, for a change.  They offered a Turkish breakfast for 30 ytl (about £4) which sounded tasty!  So, about 0830 we whistled up the launch and he came over and collected us.

The breakfast consisted of coffee or tea, then a large plate with an omelette, fried egg bread, olives, cucumber, tomatoes, village bread with white cheese…… homemade jams.  The omelette was enough for me but I also polished off a piece of village bread with delicious blackberry jam or something very like blackberries.

We set off at about 920 and had a good run up to Kapi Creek our overnight stop.  It wasn’t very far: 13 nm.  Kapi Creek is on an island tucked inside the Bay of Gocek, a tiny, hidden spot with just one taverna.  To get to it, you sail through a narrow channel between two islands that is almost impossible to spot from the sea until you are right on it.

We actually managed some sailing today once we were inside the Bay.  Scudded across at over 8 knots for about 40 minutes!  Quite exciting and a much smoother motion than using the engine.

Once inside the narrow creek, we proceeded up to the head where the taverna is.  There were already about 4 yachts inside and it was easy to moor up stern to, on the jetty.  The restaurant is much developed since we were here 9 years ago.  The rickety jetties have been replaced by teak decking and there are loungers at the edge of the hillside beyond.  The taverna has extended with a sailcloth loggia all along the head of the creek.  We were greeted by the owner, Mehmet, and given a very friendly welcome.  They even have a barber and a massage hut!

Just after we arrived the Carrefour supermarket boat pulled in.  Amazing.  It even had chilled cabinets and freezers inside.  An ice cream boat also came round.

We had lunch on deck and then spent the afternoon sunning and reading and swimming in the crystal clear waters.  Absolutely gorgeous.  As the afternoon passed, more boats came in till there were perhaps 25 by the end.  Mehmet had said he was expecting around 150 diners this evening!!!!!

And indeed he wasn’t wrong!  The place was packed.  We were honoured with a table on the upper balcony looking straight down the creek.  After a fabulous starter of mixed meze which were out of the ordinary, 3 of us had grilled octopus which was yum, Fi had an enormous pepper steak and Bob had lamb kofte.  It was all followed up by hot kalva, coffee.  We had massive salads and plates of chips and free digestives and coffees.  Afterwards we sat on the boat and chewed the fat and listened to music!  Lovely place