Sailing from Kalkan to Karacaoren

We set off from Kalkan at around 820 on Friday morning to sail 30 nm to Karacaoren, the lovely cove where we spent our first night a week ago.  The wind was lighter and we made a good voyage in around 4 hours.  Motoring all the way because the wind was in our face.

Spent a gorgeous afternoon swimming off the boat in the cove.  The water was so much warmer than around Kalkan and Kas.  Lots of tiny fish, and some bigger ones.  I went in about 4 times, exploring all round the cove.  John had a sleep/read in the dinghy hanging off the back of the yacht.  A lot of sunbathing went on.  There were only 4 boats in the cove.

We had cocktails on deck at about 7pm and then whistled for the restaurant to send out their little launch for us.  Had a lovely dinner looking down at our boat.  I had lamb chops again!!!!!  Bob had calamari.  All very lovely.  They have super village bread there.  It has been baked in a wood oven, you can taste the smoke in the crust.


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