Return to Kapi Creek

We left Wall Bay after breakfast.  Disappointed in last night but happy to be back on the water again.  We spent about 3 hours out on the bay sailing.  Great breezes again and we fair sped along, achieving well over 8 knots at times.  It all passed quickly.   Lovely views of the distant snow capped mountains behind the nearer pine clad ones.

Came back to Kapi Creek for about 1pm.  What a difference from the arrival last night.  Despite being busy… despite having two flotillas in the creek and probably close to 200 people in the restaurant for dinner, we received a very personal and friendly welcome and were made to feel like special guests, as I would guess everyone did.  Extra tables were rolled out, service was fast and accurate.  I hope Mehmet and his family are making an absolute fortune as they richly deserve to.

We started with the normal selection of fresh meze, all vegetarian and farm fresh produce.  Also the amazing village bread which has this spongy open texture.  So delicious.  Thank heavens its not available in the UK.   Then I had steak with mushroom sauce, Stuart and Fi and pepper steak and Bob had lamb chops.  All yum!  Finished off with watermelon, coffees and the chaps had raki.  Full up and happy.

Although this is a busy week being the celebration of Bayram (after Ramadan) and many Turkish people are on holiday, we are having no problems getting berths.  This is just the most lovely cruising ground.