Sailing to Karakoeren and Dinner

Another day in paradise…….. breakfast on deck. Watched the yoga classes, or rather the boys did along with every other man in Kapi Creek!!!!! The Sound of Sails flotilla was in last night with its usual young, firm bodied crowd who start the day with yoga on the pontoon clad in tight, skimpy exercise wear, or in some cases bikinis!!!!! Yep…. I’m only speaking as a jealous old bag 😊

Mehmet gave us two loaves of his unbelievably delish village bread “because Allie is my friend”… LOL….. and we set off at about 10am. Once in the bay, the sails went up and we zoomed along to Karaokeren near Gemiler Island for our overnight anchorage. The wind was very kind and we had well over 7 knots speed most of the way. We experimented with the traveller a bit but then got it jammed and had to rig “leading” ropes to release it.
Sailed nearly all the way, just turning the engine on at the last. Got onto our mooring buoy at the restaurant and ordered our water taxi for dinner tonight. There were a few other yachts in, but nowhere near as busy as the anchorages in Gocek Bay. Really like this cove.

Had lunch on deck. Beginning to eat up our supplies now. We had sweetcorn, parmesan and tuna pasta salad, turkey ham, tomato and red onion balsamic salad, fresh bread, pickles etc. Washed down with cold Efes beer and white wine. Tomorrow will be our last lunch so we will endeavour to eat the rest of it. We seem to have managed supplies very well. There won’t be much left over, if anything. We are getting short on gin but we will have to drink the red wine for evening drinkies instead.

This boat has been really great especially considering it was the oldest 3 or 4 cabin yacht Seamaster had. No technical problems at all and the a/c has been a very unexpected bonus making night times a lot more comfortable than we remember of old. We have two bathrooms on board plus a shower on the back. We’ve only really used these “lightly” shall we say. Morning washes, the odd shower…. Everywhere we’ve spent the night has had excellent shower/loos available which we’ve taken advantage of for more “generous” showers and visits. For those interested in such matters, the sinks and showers appear to go straight out. The saloon bathroom loo feeds into a holding tank, so is used when we are in harbour and then opened when we are well out at sea. All pretty civilised and it certainly pays off. The coves and harbours where we have moored up have all been pristine, crystal clear water with lots of fish.

Had a lovely dinner ashore. There were about 15 yachts in the cove by then and also the family that run the restaurant had been joined by their extended family for the last night of Bayram. I had large grilled shrimps which were yummy. Back aboard, we had a last drink under the stars, listened to Adele and played a music quiz.