Karakereun to Fethiye

We spent our last morning in the cove, having breakfasted on the boat.  It was a very hot day, and the water was delicious.  I had quite a few swims.  We had lunch on board and then sadly got ready to depart.

We sailed away at 1230, waving to the restaurant, and hoping it wouldn’t be 10 years till we were back again.  The wind was right behind us all the way today so although we got the sails up, we were motoring.  I helmed all the way back, avoiding other craft and even a massive supertanker which chose to come out of Fethiye just as we were going in!!!!

We got to the marina at 3pm and first had to fuel up.   I let Bob take over at this point!!!  The fuel station was very near to our pier berth which was convenient.  Fuel for the trip came to just under £100, not too bad, we thought.  We got onto our berth very easily after a lot of practice the last 2 weeks!

Had the checkout of the boat and all went well.  No problems.

Have enjoyed this trip so much and firmly resolved to start sailing more frequently if we can.  We used to enjoy our family holidays afloat so much.  We started in about 2003 when we went on a learn-to-dive flotilla holiday in the Greek Ionian Sea.  We learned in the first week and then sailed on our own in the second, and just went on from there.  It’s a brilliant family activity or indeed something to do with a group of friends or with a partner.  There’s something so relaxing about being out on the water.  I highly recommend it.  Coastal hopping like we’ve just done is not difficult.

Dinner in Fethiye tonight, sleep on board and then tomorrow we get the bus back to Antalya and then fly to Cyprus!!!    We really must do this again!