Lazy Day at Meryem’s

A particularly lazy day!  We woke up to a massive storm: thunder; lightning and torrenting rain!   It lasted about 20 minutes and that was it for the day – brilliant sunshine after that.

We got up at about 0930 and had breakfast downstairs, included in our deal.  A very nice Turkish style breakfast and we had poached eggs as well.  After that we went out to the pool and pegged out for the rest of the day.  We read and swam and read and swam.  We had the whole place to ourselves until 4pm when some other guests came out.  It was great!  We felt like we owned the whole mansion!!!!  There is a big plot around the house, with a great deal of vegetables being grown.  There is also an animal enclosure in the far rear with goats and chickens.  We heard the goat making frequent bleats.  There were two gardeners hard at work all day.

Bob walked down the road to a mini market during the afternoon and bought us a bottle of gin and some tonic so we could enjoy a pre dinner drink in our room.  Which we did!

Dinner in the dining room and we were the only guests again.  We both had steaks with pepper sauce and they were excellent.  Large and juicy and perfectly cooked to order.  Had a longish chat with George the waiter, from Cameroon.

Turned in about 9pm to catch up on tv.  Very quiet tonight.