Bone Idle!

Well, I’m afraid we’ve had two more totally idle days here at Meryam’s Hotel.  Part of this is that we are marooned here without a car, but that was from choice.  We thought that after all our decorating, and then two idyllic but barebones weeks on the yacht, that a few days with nothing to do but lie beside the pool might be nice.  Which it has been!  Staying here, particularly without a car to take us away, means that we absolutely have the whole place to ourselves all day,  with just the staff to keep us company, and they maintain a very discreet distance.  It has felt as if this were our private house, rather than any sort of hotel.  A big one granted…..

Anyway, the pool’s been very nice, the sun’s been hot, the tan is working its way back to Goa levels….  Food has been good.  We get breakfast and dinner in our rate.  Breakfast is a typical Turkish spread to which you add the eggs of your choice.  So, breads, jams, cucumber, tomatoes, olives, nuts, dried fruit, cheeses, cold meat, fruit juice, coffee.   And eggs.  We eat far more than usual so as it lasts till dinner time.  The dinner menu is small, maybe 5 choices per course and we can have two courses in our deal.  Generally I go appetiser and main, and I have had chicken liver pate twice and for mains, lamb chops and steak.  Last night I had main and dessert and went for the steak again and then cheesecake and ice cream.  You also get a sort of “pre” course of breads, olives, tapenade and cheese.  We’ve been washing it down with a bottle of Etel “Gilham Red” which comes from the vineyard above our house in Ilgaz.  Very moreish.  Have made a bottle go two nights.

Tomorrow we are going diving in the morning with a friend, Mike, and then we will check out of here and later in the afternoon go supermarket shopping and aim to get back to Villa Rockheart for 4ish.  Marion and her friend will have cleaned by then from the departing guests.  I hope they’ve had a great fortnight too.

Would definitely stay at Meryem’s again.  It is not perfect, a bit of a work in progress in some ways, and I think it is better when Meryem and her husband are actually here, which they are not at the moment.  But all in all, its been good value and should we need to stay in a hotel here again, we’d definitely come back.Meryem’s Hotel