Goodbyes, Hellos and Window Cleaning

A busy sort of day at Villa Rockheart!  We were up early because Bob was taking Joe to the airport for his flight back to the UK.  So up at 0615 and they were off at about 0645.  I hadn’t had the best night’s sleep after that ginormous meal last night, so I went back to bed for an hour or so….

At 9am Marion came up with a couple who had been booked to clean our windows.  Window Cleaning is different here in Cyprus.  There aren’t any regular window cleaners like you get in the UK who come round every month.  Just doesn’t exist, except for businesses, but on a domestic level….no….  So, Marion has to find someone to come and do it as a special maybe twice a year.  Anyway, there is a new young couple starting up in business who come recommended and we had booked them.  I must say we were very impressed.  They started just after 9 and finished at about 1pm.  Amazing service!  They cleaned every window inside and out, even scraping off minute specks of paint left behind by the house painting.  And they cleaned our mirrored wardrobe doors as well!!!  Windows get dirty here from the blowing dust and even more from the dust that comes down with the winter rains.  Not to mention…. fingers…….  Anyway, we were well pleased with the result and it cost 400 ytl, so about £53.  Sounds like a lot for a window clean, but remember it took four hours, included every window inside and out…  We will definitely have them again.

Bob got back at about 9.  He did a few jobs – replaced the pipe on our hob gas bottle which had a small leak, replaced a bulb in the hall and investigated a minor drip problem with our outside shower .

Ruth and Ryan came up at 12 to spend the afternoon with us.  They go home in the morning.  Such a lovely, young couple.  We’ve known Ruth since she was 2 and a half and she is Lucy’s oldest friend – their birthdays are three days apart.  Lovely to see her so happily married to Ryan and starting their own story and family life.  We chat away, very easy company.  We had a nice lunch on the terrace and then had a long swim/wallow in the pool.  Really hot today  – 34C.  They have been staying in a hotel quite nearby and have had a great week.  Both have got nicely golden brown.  We sat out with them till about 630 when Bob gave them a lift back to the hotel.  They are trying a restaurant near them called the Follow Me tonight and I am interested in hearing what they think of that.

After our big lunch, we weren’t hungry for dinner, so we didn’t have any!!!! Obviously we did have a g&t!..   Facetimed with Lu and caught up on some UK telly by connecting Bob’s iPad to the tv.