Gardening and Swimming

I had a stay around the house kinda day.  Decided it was time to do a clothes wash so that I dont go home with a big pile of laundry to do.  Isn’t that one of the nicest things about staying in a villa rather than a hotel???  Depressing enough to go home after a great holiday without facing a suitcase or two full of dirty washing to plough through!

Bob had a couple of last jobs he wanted to get done before we leave on Wednesday, so he headed off to the yapi market (diy store) to get the bits he needed.  Just as he pulled out of the drive, our gardener Jammi arrived.  He comes every week for an hour or two and he has transformed our garden in the last couple of years.  So pleased with his efforts and hard work.  Not an easy job in 34C.  Anyway, we had a walk around together and talked about autumn jobs when I won’t be here.

Bob got back with his bits and knocked off a couple more jobs.   Mended the light over the gate which had leaked in the winter torrential rain and shorted out the bulb.  A bigger job was a renovation of our outdoor shower.  He has replaced the rather “basic” standpipe arrangement with a proper bathroom shower attachment and a new on/off valve as the old one had developed a dripping leak.  It looks so much better and the water pressure is really good.  Handy for a before or after swim shower, and even for chaps if the girls are hogging the bathrooms!!!

Jobs done, we had lunch on the terrace and then spent the afternoon around the pool.  Very hot today so it was great to be in the water.

Tonight we ate the remnants of our roast lamb from Thursday night.  Still just as yummy.  We also had the roast potatoes and bulgar rice risotto from that dinner.  There was a lot of food……