Hot Hot Hot!!!!

DSC05102The temperatures have really ramped up the last couple of days and we have been spending more time in the shade and/or in the pool.  It was over 34C today with bright sunshine all day and the pool temperature has risen to 32C.  No shiver at all on entry….

Bob finished off the last of his jobs: he installed a new product caddy in the en suite bathroom and hung a couple of my watercolour masterpieces (!!!!) in the kitchen and lounge.  That’s it!  Jobs done for this visit.  We won’t be back till next spring so we have time to save up for our next round of improvements/renovations.  Improved lighting on both the dining and pool terraces are in our next plans.

I think we ate out so much in our time with Joe that our appetites are still recovering.  We were not very hungry at all today so we just picked at things from the fridge.  Obviously that did not extend to not wanting our usual g&ts on the terrace at sunset.  Particularly nice tonight….

We caught up on some UK tv and then decided on a night time swim, as we did last night.  Oh…. so gorgeous to just step into the warm water and look up at the stars.  We just put the underwater pool lights on, to keep the light pollution down and it was blissful…. floated in the warm water and gazed heavenwards.  I didn’t want to get out!  Heartily recommend some night swimming to our future guests on such warm summer nights.  We are so lucky to have this lovely pool all to ourselves.