The End of Our Stay

Sadly, today is our last day in Cyprus for this time.  We fly home first thing tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.

It was boiling hot from early on – easily hit 40C today.  We had quite a few chores to do first thing: getting our personal stuff packed away in our locked cupboards and packing our suitcases.  In between that, we dipped in and out of the pool.  It was the only way to survive!  And drank copious glasses of ice water.

We ran the automatic watering system a few times and walked around checking for leaks.  No leaks but some adjustments to be made to make sure the plants get through the scorching summer.  It is highly unlikely to rain again before maybe November.  But, having said that, you never know these days.

We’d got everything done by about 2pm and then we just floated for ages in the pool, chatting and relaxing.

Tonight we went out with our neighbours Alan and Lesley and our recently-ex neighbours, Mick and Christine, who we hope will continue to keep visiting Cyprus.  We went to the Dogus Adres and ate by the water.  It was a very good dinner with much good chat.  I had lamb chops of course.  Bob had garlic butter king prawns.  Very nice.

Came back and jumped straight into the pool again.  I suppose the air temperature at 10pm was about 27C and the pool was still 30C.  It was divine anyway.  We floated there, looking up at the stars and counting ourselves the luckiest people in the world at that moment.

Anyway, so sorry that our stay is at an end.  Glad to be seeing our dear girls this week, but sorry to be leaving this lovely place.  Next year can’t come soon enough!