Movie Night

Boiling hot again today.  Well… it is every day… just take it as read.

Bob and I went down to Salida for about 9am and had breakfast together and then pegged out with our books.  Plenty of swimming and reading.  Joe, Chris and Mick arrived about lunchtime all having had nice long sleeps.  Well… in fact Joe had been into Chaudhi as well to pick up some tablets at the pharmacy.

Had a typical Patnem afternoon of men playing cribbage and women sunbathing and swimming. The sea was lovely again.  Calm and warm.  There were a lot of dolphin viewing boats out at the edge of the bay.

Tonight was movie night at one of the Patnem shacks, Nada Brahma.  A lovely setting in a wooded area behind the beach huts.  Good projection and sound and an enjoyable yarn film ‘Knives Out’ with an ensemble cast including Daniel Craig.  The movie was free.  You just bought your dinner.  We ordered g&ts and dinner before the film started at 7 and ate them during.  I had a mixed plate of spinach and cheese momos and vegetable momos.  Bob had chicken biriani.  Food was good but not exceptional.  It was a really nice night.  I love watching a film in the open air and I’d missed that last year when there wasnt a regular venue nearby.  They don’t show films every night at this place but we will definitely go again.  A nice touch was when they came around with free warm buttered popcorn in a newspaper cone about half way though.

Came back to Eve’s and had a couple of drinks, much chat and laughs in the restaurant-bar.  An elderly couple who were staying at the hotel were unbelievably drunk on the next table.  Literally staggering and incomprehensible.  The woman was dancing around to Bob Marley in a very unbecoming fashion LOL.  I hope they are leaving soon.

Tomorrow, Joseph and Janet arrive in the early morning and Stuart and Fi in the evening.  Our numbers are steadily growing…



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