Fun Nights as the Gang Grows

We have added four more to our gang of silver surfers over the past 48 hours.  Joseph and Janet arrived yesterday morning and Stuart and Fi, last night.

The weather is unseasonably hot at the moment, more like February than January, and we are spending our days at the beach, doing little more than swimming, reading, napping, walking the beach, playing games… oh and eating…..

So lovely to have Joseph and Janet back after a gap of a couple of years.  We met them on the beach at Salida in January 2012 and have been firm friends ever since.  Stuart and Fi have been friends for nearly 40 years..

Mick and Chris have settled in well and seem to be enjoying their visit.  Tans are coming on well.

Today there was a bit of a to-do at Salida over sun beds.  There just aren’t enough.  It’s first come first served.  And of course they have to reserve some for their hut guests.  We are always early so not a problem but there was some fireworks..

Last night we ate at Eve’s because Fi and Stuart were not arriving till about 8ish.  Tonight we ate at Namaste on the beach.  We didn’t decide till quite late because we wanted to hear the GoaTs who were playing live at Tantra, a nearby shack.  We were quite a big party – 9 now – so being nearby was a good choice.  What a great evening we had.  Music excellent.  Half price cocktails (Bob and I went for margaritas) and very good food.  Namaste really came up trumps.  I had the prawn masala and I think it was the best yet.  Such a deep flavour.

We had such a massive hoot of a dinner.  joe was on top form, telling us great stories from his Doctor Finlay days and also from weekly rep.  Some of them I have heard before of course but they still just make me howl with laughter.  And some I always beg him to retell……   there is a particular story about a prop going wrong in a rep murder mystery than just flays me…  if you’ve ever been in a play – be it a school play, an amdram, a professional rep..  you would just totally crease up at this tale, remembering your own experience of “that moment” when something goes wrong, eyes go crazed with panic, and often horrific extemporisation takes place….   Anyway, suffice it to say that a great night was had by all and we retired to bed laughed out and happy.  I love our life here in this lovely place with our great community of friends.