Film Night and Quiz Night

Having been visiting the part of Goa for so many years, we have done most of the sightseeing several times over, so our days are largely spent on the beach, sunbathing, swimming, reading and playing games.

The nights however are more varying.  Last night we split as a group and did different things.  Bob and I, John and Sue went to Nada Brahma for their film night.  It was “Jojo Rabbit” which is only just out in the cinemas in the UK.  As per usual, the film was free and we watched as we ate dinner and drank cocktails.  A very popular showing and rightly so, we really enjoyed it. It was a very good copy, downloading straight from digital.   Food was good too.  Bob had a curry with thrice cooked chips (amazing!) and I had palak paneer.  A very good night.  Our other friends went for dinner on the beach and also had a great time.

Today after a very hot day on the beach, we went to a quiz night at one of the beach shacks, Tantra.  It was a really good quiz and we will definitely go next week.  You paid a quid to play and the winning team got all the money which was around £50.  Sadly not us…. this week…. although John and Sue, Stuart and Fi came third.  Played while enjoying a very good meal and the usual cocktails.

Tomorrow is our boat trip along the coast so really looking forward to that.